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Meet the New 146″ Samsung TV The Wall modular, with MicroLED technology

Samsung has thrown the house out the window with its first TV with MicroLED technology, the new Samsung The Wall in the CES2018 in Las Vegas.

The CES of Las Vegas is leaving us a lot of news regarding new devices, and Samsung has been very active in the last hours, with large appliances that have already received their voice assistant Bixby, which has reached new refrigerators and televisions.

Samsung The Wall launches MicroLED technology

Samsung until now had fought against the OLED technology of its competitors with their own proposals as the QLED, and now gives a new twist in the imaging technology of their televisions by launching the first television with MicroLED.


This technology, as its name suggests, has LEDs of a much smaller size than those we traditionally see in LED TVs, which allows us to generate a much more real and dynamic image.

This technology represents a great advance in the improvement of the image in televisions, since a microLED houses millions of microscopic LEDs , which are 100,000 times smaller than those of a human hair.

Samsung defines this television as the screen of the future, and it is no wonder if we consider its technology. Because MicroLED TVs offer a much brighter and brighter image quality than traditional technologies, and can maintain saturation independently of brightness adjustment.

The 146 inches New samsung modular TV - The wall

As each MicroLED can be turned on and off independently, black can be reproduced in a much deeper and true to reality than in other technologies. Another important aspect is that MicroLED televisions have a longer lifespan, since it is an inorganic technology, compared to organic technologies that have a shorter life.


In addition, the energy consumption of these MicroLED TVs is lower than that of traditional LED televisions, since the MicroLEDs can be turned on and off independently. This Samsung The Wall modular TV has been designed so that you can add or remove portions of the screen, without losing any of its image quality, being able to adopt an area of ​​up to 146“.

It is clear that this TV is currently aimed at an exclusive and premium audience, who will be able to adapt the size of The Wall to the room where they will install it, being able to increase it or reduce it in the future to adapt to other places.

Jonghee Han, president of the Visual Display Business of Samsung Electronics. “The world’s first MicroLED modular consumer television, ‘The Wall‘, represents another breakthrough. It can adapt to any size and offers a brightness, a range of colors, a volume of color and black levels that are truly incredible. We are excited about this breakthrough in our roadmap towards the future of televisions, and also with the extraordinary viewing experience it offers consumers.”

It is undoubtedly the first example of a MicroLED technology that we will soon see in new television ranges, and that it could be the great successor of QLED and the biggest opponent of OLED panels.

No doubt this first example of MicroLED technology could not be more spectacular, more details of its global launch will be announced next spring.