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Huawei New Face ID Tech is 10x better than Apple’s Face ID

The Chinese manufacturer has lifted the veil on its new smartphone Honor V10, but also on its own facial recognition technology, “inspired” by the FaceID of Apple.

A few weeks after the announcement of the iPhone X and FaceID function, Huawei also takes action by unveiling its own facial recognition system. Many have already made fun on the Internet, but the Chinese manufacturer wants to prove that it knows (better) what to do?

In this case, where Apple uses approximately 30,000 points to materialize the face, Huawei ensures that it can exploit up to 300,000 points. Better: it evokes a unlocking speed of 400 milliseconds, a release almost instantaneous.

Note that the components used by Apple and Huawei are substantially the same. And opportunities also: it will be also possible for example to validate a payment with facial recognition.

It’s quite amusing to see that Huawei generally “copies” the features of an apple’s branded devices, always trying to do better. This had been the case, for example, with the Force Touch technology. But it is not with the version of Animojis that presented Huawei, which for once is a vulgar copy of what presented Apple.

Anyway, Huawei has made beautiful announcements but for the moment we still do not know in which device (s) these novelties will be usable. No availability date has been mentioned yet.