Samsung and Asus will launch a high-end Chromebook to compete with the Pixelbook

The tablets no longer enjoy as much popularity as before, and now have been relegated as if they were mobile with a huge screen, although they are oriented to a totally different type of use. And this, precisely, is what makes that not all users can get the most out of these devices.

Google knows it perfectly, and knows that people do not want to have to walk around coupling keyboards and buying accessories to use a tablet more efficiently, and, therefore, is betting very strongly on Chromebooks, laptops with ChromeOS.

A system operating much lighter – and limited – than Windows and that is able to satisfy the vast majority of users of a computer.

Google pixel book official pic

And this was demonstrated earlier this month, when Google introduced the Google Pixelbook, a high-end Chromebook that is totally incredible. Samsung and Asus – two of the most reputable Chromebook manufacturers – have realized, and have decided to follow their same strategy, and launch high-end Chromebooks.

So will the high-end Chromebooks be Samsung and Asus

As you can read in HourlyTechNews, both devices would have 16 GB of RAM, a more than decent amount that would move the system to perfection along with a Core M7 processor.

Google Pixel Book #madebyGoogle

The Price

Regarding the price, both devices are expected to be somewhat more affordable than the Pixelbook, whose cheapest version starts at 999 euros, while the most expensive we can find for 1,699 euros. Cheap are not, certainly have a price to live up to the Macbook.

Surely, we can see a presentation of these devices at CES next year, or even before the end of the year, if we are lucky. In any case, we will have to wait longer to know some more details of these new high-end Chromebooks.

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