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Four different uses of the mobile that you probably did not know

These accessories and applications trigger the possibilities of telephones

Talking on phone? Mobile phones have long since ceased to be ‘telephones’ and today they are closer to being multi-threaded platforms with which we can do practically everything.

Beyond the calls, which for the youngest are already a marginal function, the mobiles are used to update and visit social networks, browse web pages, of course as a photo camera and listen to our favorite music.

These applications are already well known by the majority of users, but nevertheless the possibilities are many and it is possible that not everyone knows the full potential of these devices. We will detail some possibilities offered by these equipment that are already our second skin:

Open doors

Can the key of a door be replaced by the mobile? It is possible that in private homes we are still far from a massive use of this useful application; However, for a hotel, this change can be fundamental and involve considerable cost savings.


The well-known Hilton hotel chain has just introduced its Digital Key in our country: the Hilton Diagonal Mar in Barcelona will allow its guests to open their rooms from their mobile phones and without needing any physical support.
This key is downloaded in the form of an application on the mobile phone and is activated at the time of registering the entry at reception, and the customer can use it not only for access to the room, but to multiple common areas of the establishment (gym, elevators … ).
The application that serves as a key will allow guests to check out without having to go through reception and choose the room based on their preferences at the time of booking.

Monitor the entrance door

Another product that has just landed in Spain is Ring, a smart doorbell that replaces the conventional one that we have at the door of the house and provides many more functions that can be managed from the mobile.

This product incorporates a camera and motion sensor, so that, being connected to the WiFi of the house, every time someone calls, we can see on the screen who it is.

The application also allows to communicate by voice with whoever is calling, something that may be interesting if we are waiting for a package or shipment. The device, on the other hand, elevates the security of the house by recording all the movements that take place in the main door (even in the dark).

Withdraw money from ATM

As we explained in another article, another function that not everyone knows is that with the mobile and being a client of the main banks, you can withdraw money from the ATM without having to carry the card.

Each entity has its own application and the operation is usually similar in all situations: a security code is sent by message to the mobile (or to the specific application) that is validated in the ATM and the amount is withdrawn.

It is a slower procedure than the withdrawal of cash through the card but allows us to have money without having to carry the portfolio on top.

Turn on lights and remote heating

It is, possibly, one of the first applications of home automation in homes: being able to turn on the lights or remote heating and from the mobile is really useful in certain situations.


There are several manufacturers of light bulbs connected as Philips Hue, or even IKEA has launched its own range. With regard to heating, thermostats such as Nest, Netatmo or Tado, allow to control the home temperature at a distance and without major headaches; The manufacturers of these products have studies that demonstrate significant energy savings using this type of device.

Why can it be interesting to automate the lighting of the light? First, for a security issue to give the feeling of presence although there is nobody, and second, pure comfort: you can set rules by which the lights are turned on alone as soon as we approach the address or vice versa, turn off when leaving.


Kodi has recently been released on the Xbox One. If you are not familiar with the application, it has been available on PC, Mac and other platforms for quite some time.

The application is essentially something that allows you to access all your digital and audio content in one place, something similar to the old Windows Media Center, but it has also earned a reputation for hosting pirated movie, television and sports content through transmissions.

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How to download Kodi for Xbox One

Getting Kodi on the Xbox One is now a very simple process. Just go to the Xbox Store and use the search function for the term “Kodi” and the latest version will be available to download and use as an application in the console.

How to install any repository in Kodi for Xbox One

There are many different repositories available in Kodi for Xbox One. Installing them is not a simplified process.

Step 1: On the Kodi home page, you will see a highlighted gear icon and press A, which will take you to the System Page.

Step 2: Once on the system page, press A in the File Manager

Step 3: Go down to where it says Add Font and press A to continue.

Step 4: Press A on “None”. An area will appear where you can enter the URL for the repository.

Step 5: Enter the URL of the repository you wish to add to Kodi

Step 6: Name the media source and then press A on OK.

Step 7: Go to the System page and press A on Add Ons.

Step 8: Select Install from Zip file and then select the name of the Repo that you just added. If you are successful, a pop-up window in the right corner of the screen will show you that the repository has been installed.

Step 9: On the Add-ons page, select Install from the repository and select the type of add-on you want to add to Kodi (video, program, music, etc.)

Potential problems

To access some things in Kodi, you may need to enable Unknown sources. This can be done in the Configuration section of the System Menu. Press the gear icon again, which will take you to the system menu. Press A on the system, scroll down to Add-ons and enable “Unknown sources”.

Accessing your Add-On

Once a Kodi add-on is successfully added, you can access it from the main Kodi page by navigating to the add-ons where a list of add-ons that you have installed in Kodi will be available.