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Four different uses of the mobile that you probably did not know

These accessories and applications trigger the possibilities of telephones

Talking on phone? Mobile phones have long since ceased to be ‘telephones’ and today they are closer to being multi-threaded platforms with which we can do practically everything.

Beyond the calls, which for the youngest are already a marginal function, the mobiles are used to update and visit social networks, browse web pages, of course as a photo camera and listen to our favorite music.

These applications are already well known by the majority of users, but nevertheless the possibilities are many and it is possible that not everyone knows the full potential of these devices. We will detail some possibilities offered by these equipment that are already our second skin:

Open doors

Can the key of a door be replaced by the mobile? It is possible that in private homes we are still far from a massive use of this useful application; However, for a hotel, this change can be fundamental and involve considerable cost savings.


The well-known Hilton hotel chain has just introduced its Digital Key in our country: the Hilton Diagonal Mar in Barcelona will allow its guests to open their rooms from their mobile phones and without needing any physical support.
This key is downloaded in the form of an application on the mobile phone and is activated at the time of registering the entry at reception, and the customer can use it not only for access to the room, but to multiple common areas of the establishment (gym, elevators … ).
The application that serves as a key will allow guests to check out without having to go through reception and choose the room based on their preferences at the time of booking.

Monitor the entrance door

Another product that has just landed in Spain is Ring, a smart doorbell that replaces the conventional one that we have at the door of the house and provides many more functions that can be managed from the mobile.

This product incorporates a camera and motion sensor, so that, being connected to the WiFi of the house, every time someone calls, we can see on the screen who it is.

The application also allows to communicate by voice with whoever is calling, something that may be interesting if we are waiting for a package or shipment. The device, on the other hand, elevates the security of the house by recording all the movements that take place in the main door (even in the dark).

Withdraw money from ATM

As we explained in another article, another function that not everyone knows is that with the mobile and being a client of the main banks, you can withdraw money from the ATM without having to carry the card.

Each entity has its own application and the operation is usually similar in all situations: a security code is sent by message to the mobile (or to the specific application) that is validated in the ATM and the amount is withdrawn.

It is a slower procedure than the withdrawal of cash through the card but allows us to have money without having to carry the portfolio on top.

Turn on lights and remote heating

It is, possibly, one of the first applications of home automation in homes: being able to turn on the lights or remote heating and from the mobile is really useful in certain situations.


There are several manufacturers of light bulbs connected as Philips Hue, or even IKEA has launched its own range. With regard to heating, thermostats such as Nest, Netatmo or Tado, allow to control the home temperature at a distance and without major headaches; The manufacturers of these products have studies that demonstrate significant energy savings using this type of device.

Why can it be interesting to automate the lighting of the light? First, for a security issue to give the feeling of presence although there is nobody, and second, pure comfort: you can set rules by which the lights are turned on alone as soon as we approach the address or vice versa, turn off when leaving.

The 8 best smartphones of 2017

In this post we show you the smartphone models that stood out in a mobile market that is increasingly competitive, where the devices of the segment called “intermediate” increasingly acquire more characteristics of the high-end ones and allow users to access the best technology by a lower value.

But this year will also be remembered for being the first where the barrier of one thousand dollars was pulverized.

The race between the different brands to impose their products in the world of smartphones took an unprecedented turn in the year 2017.

On the one hand we have the segment of the “intermediate” teams that added to their characteristics details and functions of the high-end, while at the other end the barrier of one thousand dollars was pulverized to acquire a device.


In this note of DIARIO POPULAR we review the ten most important teams of the year.


Apple iPhone X review UK

This article could not begin without talking about the most anticipated phone of the year. Hundreds of rumors surrounded the preview of their expected presentation at APPLE’s annual classic event in California.


After the disappointment that meant the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus for its great resemblance to the previous generation, the iPhone X left open-mouthed all the fans of the signature of the bitten apple.

Endowed with a design totally different from its predecessors, improvements in cameras and Face ID, among other qualities, it is a look at the future of Apple phones.

Of course, its value exceeded over $ 1,000.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 UK

After the glittering failure that was the NOTE 7 and its explosive batteries, the South Korean firm bet again for this franchise and presented a team that brings together all the wonders of the Galaxy S8 and adds double rear camera, the best stylus of a phone with all its functions and an “infinite” screen.

Its average value is 930 dollars.


Huawei Mate 10 smartphone review UK

The Chinese multinational stepped strong in the segment of high-end devices with this terminal equipped with two sensors composed of 12 and 20 megapixel cameras that allow you to play with depth of field to get portraits with the background out of focus (bokeh effect), but without reaching the Apple iPhone X or Google Pixel 2 XL.

It has an initial international price of 699 euros.


oneplus 5t dual sim smartphone review uk

It is considered by experts as the best available in the world market for less than US $ 500, but lacks some features that make it less complete than the best high-end cell phones.

It has an instant facial recognition, a slot for two SIM cards, its reading mode is useful and still has a headphone jack, but it is not waterproof.

In addition, it is equipped with a beautiful 6-inch AMOLED screen with almost no borders .

Its price? 499 euros for the 64GB version of storage with 6GB of RAM and 559 euros for the 128GB version of storage with 8GB of RAM.


Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone UK

Last year saw the first smartphone of the Internet giant, but left many things to correct and with the second version of the Pixel, Google showed that it learned from the mistakes of the past.

The new device, with a value close to 850 euros, is water resistant and has an outstanding camera.


6. MOTO 5G S Plus

moto g5s plus smartphone review UK

The new smartphone of one of the firms with the most devices sold in Europe, updates the characteristics of the Moto G family to keep competing and become one of the options to consider when looking for a good and cheap cell phone at the top of the range half.


The main change of this smartphone comes with the camera. We went from 16 MP to a double camera of 13 with f / 2.0 lens, PDAF focus, LED flash, native HDR and now the classic portrait mode.

Its value ranges between $450 and $650.

7. LG Q6

LG Q6 mobilephone review UK

For design lovers, the new LG Q6 is going to attract attention for its attractiveness. In addition, its screen allows it to stand out from the competition.


In the first instance, the aluminum frame that surrounds the terminal stands out and the absence of physical buttons on the front and back.

It reached the Europe market with a value that oscillates 380 euros.

8. Xperia XA1

Sony Xperia XA1 review UK

Sony returned to the ring with a device and with a camera that excited, a powerful processor and a good autonomy.

Its price ($ 261), something normal within the segment.

It may also interest you:

Did you know that Apple deliberately slows down the iPhone performance?

In two complaints, Apple is accused of deceptive business practices because it deliberately slows down its iPhones. Cupertino argues that it is about saving the battery, but some customers of the brand see a limitation pushing users to buy a new iPhone.

Apple was recently forced to admit that it was deliberately slowing down its iPhone to spare components. The information is not new: the specialized hardware press reports these performance degradation for several years. This is the first time Apple has made an official statement on this.

Lithium-ion batteries are becoming less able to respond to peaks of activity in cold weather, when the battery is low or because it ages,” says Cupertino.

For so long the device went off without warning, “last year, we released a feature for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone SE designed to smooth peaks only when necessary, to prevent the unit from turning off suddenly”. A feature since extended to the iPhone 7.

The removable battery, solution to all problems

And what was to happen happened: in the days following this confirmation, two complaints were lodged, one in Illinois, the other in Chicago. And they could well turn into class action.

Apple is accused of deceptive marketing practices, since these slowdowns are made without the knowledge of the consumer, without it being informed of the underlying reason.

Therefore, the deliberate degradation of iPhone performance can be seen as an incentive to purchase a new smartphone, apparently more efficient. Hello planned obsolescence!

Especially since the only replacement of the battery would be enough to continue to use the old iPhone. But impossible for the common man to change the battery himself and out of warranty the replacement is charged 79 dollars.

Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) smartphone on render images

A 18: 9 format display like on the Galaxy S8 (Plus), a fingerprint sensor and a speaker in an unusual place: Render images show the Galaxy A8 (2018), which Samsung will presumably present in January at CES.

Not only for the Galaxy S9 (Plus), Samsung apparently plans a spring break in the new year. Even before the new models of the flagship series, the South Koreans are likely to introduce new devices of the mid-range Galaxy A family.

Insiders expect that Samsung will show the Galaxy A8 (Plus) in January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The new Samsung smartphone is the first A-series model to have a 6-inch Super AMOLED display in oblong 18: 9 format.

The fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy A8 (2018) will sit directly under the camera, given the narrow, flat edges on the back of the smartphone. A dual-camera with 16 megapixels or 8 megapixel resolution, the device, however, only the front – at the back is based on advance information a single 16-megapixel camera with f / 1.7 aperture.

2018 Galaxy A8’s Design

The Next Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 releasing this Jan worldwide

The Dutch fan blog Galaxy Club has now released render images of the Samsung Galaxy A8 in a matching protective case. The Samsung smartphone is shown in three different color options. At the bottom edge of the model, which has been moved by an aluminum frame, there is a USB-C connection and a jack socket for wired headphones.

Also, the unusual position of the speaker on the right side above the power button can be seen. Not to be seen are the under-the-hood features of the device : the Exynos chipset 7885, a 4 GB or 6 GB in the Plus model memory, 64 GB of internal memory and a 3,100 mAh or 3,500 mAh strong battery.

In addition the memory size and battery capacity of the Galaxy A8 (2018) and Galaxy A8 Plus (2018) still differ by the display size of each other. The smaller smartphone model is said to offer a 5.7-inch super AMOLED screen. The display resolution should be format-appropriate 2,220 x 1,080 pixels for both devices.

Report: No Bixby Voice on Galaxy A8 (2018)

Samsung will deliver the new Galaxy A8 (Plus) apparently still with Android 7.1 Nougat and not yet with the latest Google operating system. An update to Android 8 Oreo should then be submitted later.

The assistant service Bixby, developed by Samsung, will be pre-installed, for which the manufacturer claims that the voice control will be activated in German next year. A dedicated button for working with Artificial Intelligence service is probably not on the devices. According to Electronic Times, Bixby Voice will not be available on the Galaxy A8 (Plus) for 2018.

Should Samsung actually present the new A-series at the CES, we will keep you updated about the latest news and updates of this amazing phone.