Intel will market its 5G modems in 2019

Intel will market its 5G modems in 2019

The founder is positioning on the 5G with a first series that will be marketed in 2019. Moreover, he could work with Apple, the latter being in open conflict with his partner Qualcomm.

5G could reshuffle the cards in the supplier market. First, Intel unveiled the XMM 8000 series, its first family of 5G NR modems (New Radio) that works in both the 6 GHz (3.3-4.2 GHz) and the 28 GHz millimeter wave bands.

RFIC (Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits) from 3GPP. The first modem marketed will be the XMM 8060, soberly called 5G Modem. It had already been unveiled last January at the CES in Las Vegas under the code name “Goldbridge” . Massive deployments are expected by 2020.

Intel is positioned as a leading player on 5G modems. And even if its rival Qualcomm also has its 5G modem, called X50, the founder of Santa Clara would be in very close relationship with Apple to potentially provide such modems for its future devices. The manufacturer of the iPhone and other iBidules is also in open conflict with Qualcomm regarding patents.

4G-LTE modem

At the same time, Intel also unveiled the XMM 7660 Family, a 4G-LTE Category 19 (Cat-19) modem capable of supporting theoretical data rates up to 1.6 Gbps. It too will be marketed in 2019, and will provide a kind of transition to the whole 5G.

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