Apple deliberately slows the iPhone

Did you know that Apple deliberately slows down the iPhone performance?

In two complaints, Apple is accused of deceptive business practices because it deliberately slows down its iPhones. Cupertino argues that it is about saving the battery, but some customers of the brand see a limitation pushing users to buy a new iPhone.

Apple was recently forced to admit that it was deliberately slowing down its iPhone to spare components. The information is not new: the specialized hardware press reports these performance degradation for several years. This is the first time Apple has made an official statement on this.

Lithium-ion batteries are becoming less able to respond to peaks of activity in cold weather, when the battery is low or because it ages,” says Cupertino.

For so long the device went off without warning, “last year, we released a feature for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone SE designed to smooth peaks only when necessary, to prevent the unit from turning off suddenly”. A feature since extended to the iPhone 7.

The removable battery, solution to all problems

And what was to happen happened: in the days following this confirmation, two complaints were lodged, one in Illinois, the other in Chicago. And they could well turn into class action.

Apple is accused of deceptive marketing practices, since these slowdowns are made without the knowledge of the consumer, without it being informed of the underlying reason.

Therefore, the deliberate degradation of iPhone performance can be seen as an incentive to purchase a new smartphone, apparently more efficient. Hello planned obsolescence!

Especially since the only replacement of the battery would be enough to continue to use the old iPhone. But impossible for the common man to change the battery himself and out of warranty the replacement is charged 79 dollars.

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