The six-year-old boy who makes 11M USD this year with his videos with toys reviews

Meet Ryan, the six-year-old boy who made 11M USD this year reviewing toys on YouTube

The children of now want to be Youtubers, and when they do, many parents want to earn money

Forbes has published its annual list with the youtubers that have earned the most money in 2017. All the owners have been taken by DanTDM to dethrone PewDiePie as the one with the most income now, but hidden in the list we have a child of only six years that is making a millionaire doing reviews of toys.

This is Ryan’s ToysReview, who at six years old already amasses more than 10 million subscribers that make him earn 11 million dollars a year before taxes. This child is the protagonist of a channel run by his family in which he is seen opening and using all kinds of toys, which has earned him to reach the eighth place in the list of Forbes.

Ryan’s case is the most notable of the growing tendency to see youtubers children as a replacement for the actors or children’s singers of the past. Some cases that are not exempt from controversy, since there are those who see in this type of channels examples of child exploitation with parents wanting to take advantage of their children.

The Verge spoke with the family last year, and revealed details such as that her mother decided to leave work to dedicate herself to the channel full time. Not surprisingly, according to this medium, the 10 million subscribers are providing income of one million dollars a month only in advertising.

Ryan ToysReview began in March 2015, but it was in July of that same year when it reached virality with a video in which it was seen opening a giant surprise egg and playing with the dozens of toys that are inside it. This video to date has already managed to surpass 800 million visits.

Currently in the channel we can see reviews of new toys, food products and other types of entertainment videos in which some video clip is included. All while watching the young Ryan’s reactions, and the voice of his mother listening in the background and asking questions about the products in front of him.

The rest of the protagonists of the list

As we have said, the list of Forbes this year is led by youtuber Daniel Middleton ( DanTDM ), who at 26 years old and with more than 16 million subscribers has pocketed 16.5 million dollars in 2017. It is followed by Evan Fong ( VanossGaming ), who receives close to 15.5 million dollars with at least 22 million subscribers.

In third place on the list we have Dude Perfect surpassing 14 million dollars, followed by Logan Paul and Mark Fischbach ( Markiplier ) with 12.5 million each. Until the sixth place has fallen Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie), the ever controversial youtuber whose channel pockets 12 million dollars.

The seventh place is occupied by Jake Paul, one of the most popular creators of Vine, and who has obtained 11.5 million dollars in 2017 according to Forbes. Followed by the aforementioned Ryan ToysReview with 11 million dollars, Smosh with the same amount, and finally Lilly Singh ( IISuperwomanll ) that in 2017 “only” has obtained 10.5 million dollars.

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